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Businesses run best when they’re actually running. 

Unfortunately, you realize the true value of efficiency when equipment problems or supply chain disruptions affect your ability to operate your business in the manner you’re accustomed to. ThermoPlaz is a solution provider. A problem solver. An innovation engineer. We love the challenge of finding ways to keep your business running efficiently and effectively. 

From a building a better way, to eliminating your supply struggles, to solving problems in need of a solution, ThermoPlaz is ready to work for you.

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Why Use Vacuum Forming

Many industries use vacuum forming because it’s a streamlined manufacturing method. The ease and consistency of this process are just two of the many reasons why vacuum forming is a effective choice for your projects.

Discover the benefits of Vacuum Forming

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Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving

Our laser cutting and engraving system is designed for high-volume output and large-scale commercial projects for businesses, yet versatile enough for small, custom runs ranging from gifts to commemorative glassware, even one-offs of signage and memorials. 

Cnc mill

CNC Milling

Our custom milling services allow us to craft custom moulds used in our vacuum forming; and custom parts made of virtually any material including steel, plastics, and wood.

Milling Specs and Size Capabilities: 

3 Axis CNC Mill

Table Size - 50" x 12"
Long Travel - 30"
Cross Travel - 15"
Vertical Travel - 18"

CNC Router

For larger scale products and signage, our custom-built router allows even more versatility to our solution providing services for your needs. In addition to creating larger-scale moulds, our router is busy cutting signage for commercial businesses and public municipalities. 

Custom Built: 48” x 96” 2.5 Axis CNC Router with vacuum table
Materials cut:
Variety of Woods, HDPE, Acrylic, ABS, Polystyrene, PETG

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Our ability to pivot, customize moulds and designs, and scalability to your project’s timeline allows us to move at your desired speed. 



From manufacturing custom parts to computer aided design and 3D printing capabilities, we can tailor our services to your specific need.



Quality control is the most important aspect of anything we do. From design, to concept, to proof, to testing - your product will meet your highest standards prior to mass production. 



Experience is best gained by experience and we look forward to solving your problem together. We collaborate and create to your exact needs.